Faucets are reward sites that give you, small fraction of coins just for claim.Beside bitcoin(BTC) many other competitive popular alternative crypto currencies like LTC which is also called silvercoin, DOGE, ETH, BCH,As faucets give small fraction of coins you must use microwallet to collect each coins from each faucets.After reach min withdrawal threshold you can can withdraw each coins to your direct coin wallet from microwallet.
Microwallet - This faucet support with faucetpay. For using faucetpay faucets you must registered and linked each coin addresses to the faucetpay.
Reward changing on usd based value & claim timing zero- 1m(minimum reward 0.0001$(12%) & rest 0.0002$+(88%) same rewards for all faucets) .
more than 3 faucets available now.

Join new site,2 faucets,claim every 3m,5m & PTCs,Only 0.005$ instant payout to. faucetpay

New ad-doge-now claim 0.001-5$ every 5m,20+ PTC ads & more,earn 0.05+ daily easily,only 0.10$ payout to faucetpay

cryptowin- fast growing btc site, claim up to 5sat-every 15m easily,10+ PTC ads & more,only 200sat payout instant to faucetpay

Simplyfaucet LTC- Easy claim-zero timer

Other coin faucets

Put address,pass captcha
No min (avg 0.00025$+ coin)1/4 ref .

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MFpAkS2Vt16AN3gKgC8nw8U3Eh7o46GfT5197 satoshi
MFpAkS2Vt16AN3gKgC8nw8U3Eh7o46GfT5131 satoshi
MFpAkS2Vt16AN3gKgC8nw8U3Eh7o46GfT5131 satoshi
MFpAkS2Vt16AN3gKgC8nw8U3Eh7o46GfT5131 satoshi
MFpAkS2Vt16AN3gKgC8nw8U3Eh7o46GfT5197 satoshi

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